Supporting A Burgeoning Revival of Native Arts: Leaders Wanted

Jan. 1, 2010
Supporting A Burgeoning Revival of Native Arts: Leaders Wanted

In 2005, the Ford Foundation engaged Miriam Jorgensen and Rachel Starks of the Native Nations Institute for Leadership, Management and Policy, at the University of Arizona’s Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy. They were tasked with conducting a qualitative research study to identify the sector’s leadership development needs and the appropriate strategies for developing new and talented leadership to see the renewal through. The intention of this work was to explore the needs and opportunities directly related to the foundation’s initiative, Strengthening the Field of Native Arts and Cultures. The research consisted of 45 interviews with Native arts organizational leaders and funders in the field. The final research was disseminated as a knowledge sharing report to inform others working in the field about effective programs, training and organizational strategies.

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Jorgensen, Miriam, and Rachel Starks. 2010. "Supporting a Burgeoning Revival of Native Arts: Leaders Wanted." In Native Arts and Cultures: Research, Growth and Opportunities for Philanthropic Support, 16-27. United States of America: Ford Foundation.

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