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    "Indigenous College Students on COVID-19 & The Role of the 5 Nation-Building Principles"


  • NEW WEBINAR: "Native Nation Building and the CARES Act"

    Featuring Chairman Bryan Newland of the Bay Mills Indian Community, Councilwoman Herminia Frias of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe, and hosted by NNI's Karen Diver

  • "Our [NNI] job is to provide people with the things they need to make positive change in Indian country."

    - Stephen Cornell, Faculty Chair

  • "Where are the models? What are other nations doing out there? We need to know if it's working and how we can use it."

    - Joan Timeche, Executive Director

  • "[NNI education programs] gives me insight in different ways of how to govern… with one goal in mind and that is to protect our land, protect our culture, and most of all, most importantly, protect our people."

    - Rosa J. Long, Cocopah Tribal Councilwoman, Cocopah Indian Tribe

Latest NNI News

December 3, 2020
On October 21, 2020, the Data & Research Priorities for Southwest Tribal Climate Resilience Summit...
December 2, 2020
On November 9, NNI Research Director Miriam Jorgensen joined James Colombe (Lakota and Nez Perce descent) from the Center for Indian Country Development and Krystal Langholz from the Oweesta Corporation on the panel “Indian Country Homeownership”...
December 2, 2020
Since 1962, the Arizona Town Hall has brought together communities across the state to resolve complex policy issues through intentional problem solving and engaged dialog. It is the oldest and largest event in the state, focusing on public-private collaboration...
December 2, 2020
Registration for January in Tucson) 2021 is currently underway! The Native Nations Institute’s Indigenous Governance Program (IGP) will host its annual flagship event throughout the month of January 2021. Two new courses addressing Indigenous leadership and problem gambling...
December 2, 2020
2020 has been a year of unprecedented challenges to our safety, well-being, and governance. It has also resulted in increased opportunities for Native nations/communities to partner with external entities...