The Rise of Indigenous Recognition: Implications for Comparative Politics

March 1, 2021
The Rise of Indigenous Recognition- Implications for Comparative Politics

Recent decades have ushered in a new era for the recognition of Indigenous rights. Today, more than half of all United Nations member states recognize some form of Indigenous governance in their constitutions (Holzinger et al 2019), and dozens more have done so statutorily. This marks the culmination of a shift in the international consensus around Indigenous-state relations – from the assimilation of Indigenous peoples into nation-states throughout most of the twentieth century to a contemporary recognition of their collective rights to self-determination...

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McMurry, Nina, Danielle Hiraldo and Christoper L. Carter. "The Rise of Indigenous Recognition: Implications for Comparative Politics". APSA-CP Newsletter Vol. XXXI, Issue 1, Spring 2021. pp. 93-99. Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International. Washington, DC.

Danielle Hiraldo

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