Organizing Indigenous Governance in Canada, Australia, and the United States

Jan. 1, 2007
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My purpose in this paper—a preliminary contribution to a larger project—is to raise a set of research and policy issues having to do with the organization of Indigenous governance in Canada, Australia, and the United States. I make the assumption, both in this presentation and in the larger enterprise of which it is a part, that there is value to be found in comparative work on certain Indig- enous issues across these countries. While they differ in important ways, they have significant commonalities in political and legal heritage, in the historical displacement of Indigenous populations, and in the vigorous and contemporary Indigenous pursuit of self-determination...

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Cornell, Stephen. 2007. "Organizing Indigenous Governance in Canada, Australia, and the United States." In Aboriginal Policy Research: Moving Forward, Making a Difference, edited by Jerry P. White, Susan Wingert, Paul Maxim and Dan Beavon, 159-170. Toronto: Thompson Educational Publishing.

Stephen Cornell

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