Indigenous Peoples’ Rights in Data

April 24, 2023
Indigenous Peoples' Right in Data

This is the one sheeter version of the publication "Indigenous Peoples' Rights in Data: a contribution toward Indigenous Research Sovereignty"

Indigenous Peoples' right to sovereignty forms the foundation for advocacy and actions toward greater Indigenous self-determination and control across a range of domains that impact Indigenous Peoples' communities and cultures. Declarations for sovereignty are rising throughout Indigenous communities and across diverse fields, including Network Sovereignty, Food Sovereignty, Energy Sovereignty, and Data Sovereignty. Indigenous Research Sovereignty draws in the sovereignty discourse of these initiatives to consider their applications to the broader research ecosystem. Our exploration of Indigenous Research Sovereignty, or Indigenous self-determination in the context of research activities, has been focused on the relationship between Indigenous Data Sovereignty and efforts to describe Indigenous Peoples' Rights in data.


Global Indigenous Data Alliance. (2023). “Indigenous Peoples’ Rights in Data.” The Global Indigenous Data Alliance. DOI: 10.6084/m9.figshare.22138160

Andrew Martinez

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