History’s Lesson for HUD and Tribes

Jan. 20, 2004
History’s Lesson for HUD and Tribes

In 1998, Indian housing entered a new era. HUD ended its practice of channeling funds for Washington designed Indian housing programs to HUD-sponsored local Indian Housing Authorities (IHAs) and converted programmatic funds into block grants to tribal housing agencies, which were allowed to design and implement their own programs. The hope was that increased tribal control would greatly improve the quantity and quality of housing available in Indian Country. This paper analyzes the differential success of the IHAs and provides important information about the conditions under which the new tribal efforts will be successful.

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Jorgensen, Miriam. 2004. “History’s Lesson for HUD and Tribes.” Joint Occasional Papers on Native Affairs (JOPNA). Cambridge: The Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development.

Miriam Jorgensen

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