Tribal & Direct Services


NNI provides specialized services to Indigenous nations in North America requesting assistance with issues ranging from constitutional reform and institution-building to strategic planning and economic development. These educational programs and/or facilitated planning sessions are designed, in consultation with the Native nation, to equip tribal leaders with the nation rebuilding knowledge necessary to address their organization’s or tribe’s needs.

NNI Tribal Services are based on NNI's research with Native nations on what works, what doesn't, and why. Programs typically last one to three days, are offered in the requesting nation’s homeland, and are effective in reaching a critical mass of a nation’s leaders or citizens wanting to look more closely at their own governance challenges and learn from what other nations are doing. NNI staff will not tell Native nations what they should do, but rather provide research-based information and examples to assist Indigenous nations and peoples in making their own decisions about their futures.

Designed to strengthen indigenous governments and governance, NNI’s Tribal & Direct Services include:

  • Research-based Educational Sessions
    • Topic areas include: Native Nation Building, Tribal Constitutions, Economic Development, Roles and Responsibilities, Intergovernmental Relations, Tribal Administration to name a few.
    • Instructional methods include: short lectures and discussions on applicability of content, decisional case studies, and multimedia learning.
  • Facilitation Services
    • NNI staff are trained in facilitation methods for maximum participation and typically facilitate community input sessions, strategic planning sessions that include identification of priorities, strategies, and action plans to begin their implementation. These are often combined with educational sessions.
  • Governance Analysis for Native Nations (GANN)
    • An analytical tool that is in-depth and comprehensive than an educational session, a GANN session assists Indigenous nations with identifying and assessing their nation's governance challenges, goals, planning, and action needed.
  • Native Know-How
    • 2-3 hour seminars designed to promote a better understanding of the culture and governments of Native Americans and Native nations to create thriving working relationships and partnerships.

Core Staff

Joan Timeche

Sabestine Hernandez
(Pascua Yaqui Tribe)

Outreach Specialist, Tribal & Direct Services
Crystal M. Miller (Walker River Paiute Tribe)
Manager, Tribal & Direct Services
Joan Timeche,
M.B.A. (Hopi)

Miriam Jorgensen,
M.P.P, Ph.D.


Additional NNI team members may include Stephanie Russo Carroll, and other NNI staff and associates.

Tribal Education Services Native Nations Institute


“I am for sure going to use the plan to get to strategies…I will for sure recommend it to anyone who will listen.”


Member, Ketchikan Tribal Council
Ketchikan Indian Community

"NNI is better in-line with my current SWOT experiences...other organizations tried to pull us into other types of strategic planning.”


Treasurer, Ketchikan Tribal Council
Ketchikan Indian Community


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