Future Native Nation Builders

Future Native Nation Builders

A FREE 2-day seminar to learn how tribal governments work and how to get involved in running your nation





We believe that college students are already making powerful contributions to their Native nations and communities. No matter your current level of engagement, you can boost your ability to make positive change!

Make an impact by:

studying the Standard Approach & Native Nation Building Approach to development
meeting with tribal leaders and hearing their stories
learning from real-life scenarios and case studies of Indigenous peoples
developing an action plan to implement throughout the year

Phase 1

Students complete our FREE online course "Introduction to Rebuilding Native Nations" ($250 value).

Phase 2

A 2-day seminar in Tucson where Indigenous students identify ways in which their degrees and skills will contribute to their tribal communities’ nation-building efforts

Phase 3

A series of online meetings with the students over the course of the year to check on the progress of their action plans

Phase 4

At the end of the year, each student presents (either live or virtually) their finalized action plan.


NNI works with each of the three state universities to arrange transportation to the seminar in Tucson, all others are responsible for their transportation to Tucson.


Double-occupancy lodging will be provided for students who do not live in Tucson.


Students will be responsible for their meals enroute, however, dinner, breakfast and lunch will be provided at the event.

  • Be an enrolled citizen of a U.S. federal or state-recognized tribe.
  • Be currently enrolled full-time as an undergraduate degree-seeking student in an accredited U.S. college or university within Arizona. Priority is given to upper level undergraduate students.
  • Not a prior participant