Governance Analysis for Native Nations

Governance Analysis for Native Nations

A thorough examination of how your Native governs and how to move forward effectively

An analytical tool that is much more in-depth and comprehensive than an educational session, a GANN seminar assists Indigenous nations with identifying and assessing their nation's governance challenges, goals, planning, and action needed. Our partnership with the Bush Foundation  was instrumental in assisting us fine-tune our GANN tool, broadening and strengthening NNI’s facilitation skill set, and expanding its curricular offerings.

"Our team of Department Directors went to this session to see how we could improve our organization structure and walked away with a comprehensive assessment of governance challenges, goals and action steps that needed to occur using the Nation Building model. The session also served as a good team building exercise and was good to get all the Directors on the same page."

–Hopi Tribe’s Executive Director’s office


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