Native Know-How

Native Know-How Seminar

Understanding How to Work & Partner with Native Nations

New to working with Indigenous peoples?

Native nations are an integral part of today’s society and are critical to include in creating a better future for all peoples. This unique seminar is designed to promote a better understanding of the culture and governments of Native Americans to create thriving working relationships and partnerships.

Seminar topics include:

the foundations of tribal sovereignty
 a primer on tribal governments and governance
stereotypes! what to say and what not to say
secrets to success: non-Indigenous and Indigenous partnerships

The seminar provides resources and perspectives from various Native nations and draws from the personal experiences of NNI's NKH team, who collectively have worked directly with over 130 tribes. NNI looks forward to more partnerships with organizations who wish to work successfully with tribal communities and advance their professional trainings.

“The sessions reminded me to show humility, to educate myself and ask questions about how each tribe prefers to operate. For example, our team is working with different tribal councils on how they want to handle requesting local data for health and education evaluations, and this process looks different across tribes. We will go back to the tribes to interpret and contextualize the data properly, focusing on community assets and how we can work towards long-term tribal goals."

–Native Know-How Seminar Participant

The three hour training (online or in-person) is for organizations who interact and desire to partner with Native nations on educational, business, research and/or service projects. Each NKH seminar is customizable to suit your organization's goals and needs. Contact us to set up a time for our NKH team to get to know your organization and how we can work together to enhance your understanding of Indigenous peoples.


Sabestine Hernandez
Crystal M. Miller
Joan Timeche
Sabestine Hernandez (Pascua Yaqui Tribe)

Outreach Specialist, Tribal & Direct Services


Crystal M. Miller (Walker River Piaute Tribe)

Manager, Tribal & Direct Services

Joan Timeche (Hopi)

Executive Director