Health and Health Policy

NNIs health policy research effort analyzes how tribes can create positive health and wellness outcomes for their citizens. NNI’s work, focused in recent years on the social determinants of health and tribal control of health care services, argues for a reclaiming of what strengthens Indigenous health and well-being in Native communities.

In recent years, some American Indian and Alaska Native nations have begun to reassert control over the design, maintenance, and delivery of their own health-care systems, and subsequently in defining and affecting factors beyond the health care system that result in healthy communities. While the challenges inherent in securing funding, retaining qualified personnel, and building effective governmental and administrative institutions are significant, evidence shows that increased Native control over the design, delivery, and governance of Native health and health care can reduce health inequities for Indigenous peoples and protect, promote, and sustain healthy Indigenous nations.

NNI researchers share this work through policy briefs, editorials, commentaries, presentations, and scholarly publications aimed at sharing research, stories of what has been tried in other Indigenous nations, and connecting those who think about healthy Indigenous nations.


Poster: Reimagining Indigenous Health: Moving Beyond the Social Determinants of Health, 6/2015

Summary: Beyond Health Care: Community, Governance, and Culture in the Health and Wellness of Native Nations, 9/2015

To learn more about NNI’s work in this area, please contact:

Stephanie Carroll Rainie
Associate Director and Senior Researcher

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