Indigenous Non-Residence

Past Projects

"Residence, Citizenship, and Connectedness for Young Adult American Indians"

Using an online survey, this study sought preliminary insight into the following questions: How engaged do non-resident citizens feel with their Native nations? How engaged would they like to be? How can positive connections and engagement between off-reservation tribal citizens and on-reservation communites and government be facilitated?

Written Products

Schultz, Jennifer Lee, Stephanie Carroll Rainie, and Rachel Rose Starks. June 30,2015. Native Nations Institute Report. Residence, Community Engagement, and Citizenship: How do non-resident tribal citizens connect with Native nations? pp 1-40.

Media Coverage

Print interview by Lee Allen, featured on the front page of Indian Country Today Media Network’s website: How Can Tribes Relate to Off-Reservation Citizens Better? Study Aims to Help. July 28, 2015.

Radio Interview by Andrea Kelly, Arizona Public Media: Study Evaluations Young Native Adults’ Connection to Tribal Lands. July 16, 2014.


Nation Congress of American Indians Breakout Session

On June 30, 2015, Jennifer Lee Schultz, Stephanie Carroll Rainie, and Rachel Rose Starks were part of the Tribal Leader/Scholar Forum session “Connecting Across Distance and Difference: Tribal Citizenship in a New Era” at NCAI’s Mid-Year Conference in St. Paul, MN. A single page handout distributed along with the presentation is available here.

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