Udall Foundation Native American Congressional Internship Program

NNI helps fund the Native American Congressional Internship program which offers internships for undergraduate, graduate, and law students and is administered by the Morris K. and Stewart L. Udall Foundation. The Native American Congressional Internship program provides American Indian and Alaska Native students with opportunities to gain practical experience with the federal legislative process and understand first-hand the government-to-government relationship between U.S. Native nations and the federal government.

UF Native American Congressional Internship 2018, Washington, D.C. June-July 2018.

Photo album featuring: Perry Riggs, Navajo Nation Deputy Executive Director; Senator Elizabeth Warren; Senator Tom Udall; Representative Tom Cole (Chickasaw); National Indian Gaming Commissioners; Eric Eberhard, Chair of the UF Board; Congressional Candidate Deb Haaland (Laguna Pueblo); Jonathan Nez, Navajo Nation Vice President; Amber Crotty, Navajo Nation Council Delegate; and the UF Interns


Photo credits: UF Congressional Interns 2018

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