Indigenous Leaders Fellows Program

The Native Nations Institute (NNI) established its Indigenous Leadership Fellows Program (ILFP) in 2008, and has been honored to host five ILFP fellows. NNI initiated the ILFP to broaden Native nations’ awareness of what it takes to exercise effective governance and achieve sustainable community and economic development by documenting the experiences and perspectives of noteworthy Indigenous leaders (elected and non-elected) who helped forge Native nation-building successes. ILFP Fellows spend one to two weeks at The University of Arizona where, through guest lectures, taped interviews, and written work, they share their insights, experiences, and lessons learned about Native governance, leadership and change. Through its education and publication programs, NNI in turn shares these insights with Native nations that are confronting nation-rebuilding challenges. Below are links to feature pages for the five individuals who have served as NNI Indigenous Leadership Fellows to date.

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