Official Launch of the 9-Module Rebuilding Native Nations Online Course

02/02/22 07:29:am

Native nation rebuilding: what is it and how does it happen? This is the core question at the root of our work at NNI, and with the launch of our updated course platform, Rebuilding Native Nations Online. While RNN Online is not a comprehensive alternative to the educational sessions offered by our Tribal & Direct Services team or our Indigenous Governance Program, RNN Online provides users with a short-form experience that addresses our core and related questions. All you need is an internet connection and pay a registration fee. The NNI Digital Resources team has been updating each of the nine modules for over two years.

"The RNN Online Intro Module has the professional feel of a newsroom but the intimacy of a one-on-one interview...a good combination for those learning remotely. The presence of tribal leaders throughout the course had the value of illustrating points being made AND being inspiring...powerful and empowering!"
-RNN Online student

BEFORE: Interface Design of Module 8
Intergovernmental Relations with Jamie Pinkham
AFTER: Interface Design of Module 8
Intergovernmental Relations with Jamie Pinkham

Module 1, Introduction to Nation Building, is our most in-demand course due to the foundational content and expertise of NNI’s Executive Director, Joan Timeche (Hopi), and NNI Faculty Chair, Steven Cornell. Because of its popularity, we have produced over 3 hours of new instructional videos, professionally shot and edited by former NNI Media Specialist Jason Aragon, and with all-new graphics by NNI’s Senior Graphic Designer Amy Jorgensen. In addition to the sleek new videos, we’ve also added contemporary assignments and group activities regarding current events in Indian country, developed by NNI Research Director Miriam Jorgensen and former NNI grad student Amanda LeClair Diaz (Eastern Shoshone/Northern Arapaho). The module features interviews about the impactful work of Native leaders like Dave Archambault II, Frank Ettawageshik, Herminia “Minnie” Frias and over 30 others. Their valuable insights begin in the Intro module and echo throughout the eight following modules. Each module takes about 15-18 hours to complete. Participants have one month to work through the content on University of Arizona’s state-of-the-art online learning platform, “Desire 2 Learn”.

Since launching the new 9-module course, we’ve experienced an uptick in registrations, including our first registrants from Australia and Canada and tribal colleges & universities throughout the United States. At $75 per module and $250 for the brand-new Intro to Nation Building module, the content is available, open, and accessible to all. We even offer discounts for groups taking the course together.

Each Module:

The 9 Modules:

  • 1 | Introduction to Native Nation Building with Joan TImeche & Stephen Cornell
  • 2 | Remaking the Tools of Governance with Stephen Cornell
  • 3 | Constitutions with Joseph P. Kalt
  • 4 | Justice Systems with Rob Williams, Jr.
  • 5 | Administration with Joan Timeche
  • 6 | Nation-Owned Enterprises with Joan Timeche
  • 7 | Citizen Entrepreneurship with Joan Timeche
  • 8 | Intergovernmental Relations with Jamie Pinkham
  • 9 | Public-Spirited Leadership with Herminia "Minnie" Frias

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