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NNI Research Report

NNI Research Report is a free, electronic, information service that highlights recent research on Indigenous governance, development, and policy conducted by the Native Nations Institute and others.

The report also interprets the results of research projects worldwide whose findings, though not necessarily focused on Indigenous nations, would nonetheless be relevant.

NNI Research Report is co-edited by Miriam Jorgensen, NNI associate director for research, and Stephen Cornell, Udall Center director, and is prepared by members of the NNI research team who regularly scan academic journals and other sources to glean research findings on governance and development considered to be most useful to tribal leaders and professionals, scholars, and others with an interest in this field.

To receive notices of future issues or to suggest items for inclusion in the report, send an e-mail to or call (520) 626-0664.

NNI Research Report Archives

No. 6, Summer 2007

No. 5, Summer 2006

No. 4, February 2006

No. 3, October 2005

No. 2, May 2005

No. 1, December 2004

Native Nations Institute

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