Policy Reports and Working Papers

Jorgensen, Miriam, Saleem Ali, Joseph P. Kalt, Anthony McInnes, Amy Besaw Medore, and April Youpee-Roll. 2014. On Improving Tribal-Corporate Relations in the Mining Sector: A White Paper on Strategies for Both Sides of the Table. Cambridge: Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development. 
Jorgensen, Miriam. 2012. Sustaining Indigenous Culture: The Structure, Activities, and Needs of Tribal Archives, Libraries, and Museums. Oklahoma City: Association of Tribal Archives, Libraries, and Museums.
Cornell, Stephen, and Miriam Jorgensen. 2011. Indigenous Land Management in the United States: Context, Cases, Lessons. In A Report to the Assembly of First Nations. Tucson: Grogan | Cornell Consulting. 
Jorgensen, Miriam. 2011. Tribal Archives, Libraries, and Museums: Education for Professional Growth and Field Sustainability. In Final Evaluation Report for the Grant Preserving Language, Memory, and Lifeways: A Continuing Education Project for 21st Century Librarians. Oklahoma City: Association of Tribal Archives, Libraries, and Museums.
Cornell, Stephen, and Joseph P. Kalt. 2010. "American Indian Self-Determination: The Political Economy of a Policy that Works." In Faculty Research Working Paper Series, no. RWP10-043. Cambridge: John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.
Cornell, Stephen, and Miriam Jorgensen. 2010. "Native Nations and Arizona's Economy." In Building Arizona's Future: Jobs, Innovation and Competitiveness, edited by Vera Pavlakovich-Kochi and Jen E. McCormack. Tucson: Arizona Town Hall and University of Arizona.
Jorgensen, Miriam, and Rachel Starks. 2010. "Supporting A Burgeoning Revival of Native Arts: Leaders Wanted." In Native Arts and Cultures: Research, Growth and Opportunities for Philanthropic Support, 16-27. United States of America: Ford Foundation.
Jorgensen, Miriam, Sarah Dewees, and Karen Edwards. 2008. Borrowing Trouble: Predatory Lending in Native American Communities. Longmont: First Nations Development Institute.

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