Improving Safety in Indian Country: Recommendations from the IACP 2001 Summit


International Association of Chiefs of Police. 2001. Improving safety in Indian Country: Recommendations from the IACP 2001 Summit. Arlington: International Association of Chiefs of Police.

Focusing on safety issues, this report from the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) details ways to prevent violent victimization from occurring among Indian populations in Indian country. Following an extensive executive summary presentation of recommendations made at a summit meeting of the IACP and tribal communities and their justice systems, this report presents statistics indicating the severity of the violence problem against American Indians. Arguing that American Indians experience violent victimization at rates two times greater than is experienced by Blacks, two and a half times greater than is sustained by whites, and four times greater than is experienced by Asians, this report describes the purpose of the IACP summit as a means for creating strategies and recommendations addressing Indian county law enforcement and justice issues. After describing the unique legal relationship the United States has with Indian tribes, this report highlights the 52 recommendations made at the 2-day summit. Focusing on jurisdictional issues in Indian country, this report advocates identifying issues that impede the ability of tribal law enforcement, justice, and program agencies to provide safety. Identifying sources and shortfalls in resources to tribal justice systems, responding to deficiencies in the quality and quantity of education and training available to tribal and non-tribal law enforcement, and identifying areas where cooperation and coordination among tribal justice agencies is needed are all part of the recommendations made at the summit. Suggesting that the nature and extent of crime victimization needs to be better addressed along with better identifying the types of crimes that befall Indians, this report maintains that the next step is the development of tribal justice programs in conjunction with existing Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs. A series of appendices listing summit participants, advisory board members, and ICAP staff and consultants completes this report.

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