Tribal Services

NNI provides services that are customized in consultation with Native nations. Services are based on NNI's research with Native nations on what works, what doesn't, and why, within indigenous homelands. NNI's Tribal Services staff will not tell Native nations what they should do, but rather provides the research-based education, facilitation, and strategic planning that may be needed.

Services are meant to strengthen indigenous governance and include:

  • Educational Sessions / Seminars
    • Customized sessions
  • Governance Analysis for Native Nations (GANN)
    • An analytical tool that is more in-depth and comprehensive. Assists with identifying and assessing a Native nation's governance challenges, goals, planning, and action needed.
  • Facilitation
    • NNI Staff are trained in facilitation methods for maximum participation, to elicit understanding of Native nation building, and to come up with next steps.
  • Strategic Planning Support

CONTACT US to create your customized service with NNI, or if you’d like to learn more!

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