Native youth participate in Project Youth ACT to learn how to advocate for social justice and how to address key issues affecting their nations/communities. We help them strengthen their critical analysis, strategic decision-making, and multimedia communication skills. Our workshop sessions include Native Nation Building curriculum, critical analysis and strategy development utilizing both case scenarios and real time issues, and hands-on multimedia production.

Project Youth ACT in the news
Identify and issue impacting your nation and ways to effect change
Check out the projects
Learn about Native Nation Building and social justice concepts
Watch the Vlog
Collaborate with media professionals to create a digital story and powerful visual messages
Meet the NNI Staff
Practice audio, video, and graphics editing skills (Photoshop, IMovie, smartphone apps, etc.)
Download and share our flyer

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Project Youth ACT is made possible by grants from the Udall Foundation and Native Americans in Philanthropy

Udall Foundation

Native Americans in Philanthropy