Education & Tribal Services

Education and Tribal Services

NNI delivers a range of research-based educational services and resources designed to meet the needs of Native nations, Indigenous leaders, policy-makers, and individuals interested in a better understanding of Indigenous governance and related concepts.

NNI delivers these services through:

  • Tribal Services
    • Customized services that are created in consultation with indigenous leaders, program directors / managers, planners, and/or concerned citizens. They are usually done in the community with 2-3 NNI staff members.

  • Indigenous Governance Program
    • The IGP has flexible learning options to serve a wide variety of needs. Specifically, the IGP consists of two-tracks—one track is designed for individuals seeking University of Arizona graduate-level credit for courses taught on Indigenous governance; while the other offers largely the same curriculum, but is intended for individuals who are interested in personal and/or professional development and do not need a University of Arizona transcript.

    • The IGP’s non-credit offerings include:
    • The IGP’s credit offerings include:

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