Verónica Hirsch, M.A., P.S.M. (Chiricahua Apache)

Phone: (520) 626-1505
E-mail: vrhirsch(at)

Verónica Hirsch (Chiricahua Apache) serves as NNI’s Digital Resources Coordinator. In this capacity, she manages all aspects of NNI’s Rebuilding Native Nations Online (RNN Online) course series, which is part of the Indigenous Governance Program curricula. Additionally, Verónica oversees NNI’s free Indigenous Governance Database; manages University of Arizona-internal and external digital content sharing agreements; and schedules, scripts, and conducts interviews with Indigenous leaders, scholars, and key decision-makers. Verónica possesses over 10 years of public speaking experience and over 6 years of direct, professional experience working with American Indian, Alaska Native, and Indigenous students and citizens. She applies her expertise to initiate, develop, and implement comprehensive outreach, recruitment, marketing collateral, and communication strategies across NNI’s digital, print, and in-person platforms.

Verónica possesses a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California – Davis in environmental and resource sciences, with a hydrobiology specialization. She earned a Master of Arts degree in American Indian studies, with a concentration in federal Indian law, from the University of Arizona, and a Professional Science Master’s degree in natural resources and environmental science, with a focus upon water resources management, from the University of Idaho. Her on-going personal research examines Native American water rights settlement agreements and negotiation processes.