NNI's Executive Director Joan Timeche with other participants in Mexico City

Trade Mission to Mexico

08/05/22 08:14:am

Mexico, the 15th largest economy in the world, is exploring the possibilities of trade and investment partnerships with Arizona tribal nations and the Arizona Indian Gaming Association (AIGA) to promote both trade and knowledge in public and private sectors. The President of Mexico’s Chief of Staff, Mexican Ministry Senator Berta Xochittl Galvez Ruiz, the Economy Ministry, the Mexican Gaming Operators Association, the American Society of Mexico along with the U.S. Embassy, met with Arizona tribal leaders to gain a better understanding of Indigenous empowerment, economic development, and the economic impact of gaming and tourism on Native nations.

NNI’s Executive Director Joan Timeche was invited to join the AIGA on this first-ever trade mission as an expert on Native American economic and business development. She joined tribal representatives from the Ak-Chin Indian Community, San Carlos Apache Tribe, and White Mountain Apache Tribe, as well as AIGA’s public relations firm and attorneys. AIGA will decide on future collaborations including possibly hosting a Mexican delegation to better become acquainted with the Arizona tribes and potential partnerships with the long-term goal of promoting two-way trade.

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