Researchers Train State of South Australia Officials

05/05/15 02:32:am

In April, NNI Faculty Associate Stephen Cornell and NNI Research Director Miriam Jorgensen, travelled to Adelaide, South Australia, to assist in an executive education session for senior executives of the government of South Australia. Led by Flinders University Professor Daryle Rigney (Ngarrindjeri), who is also a lecturer in NNI's Indigenous Governance Program, Cornell, and Jorgensen are part of a team designing professional development tools both for state officials and Aboriginal community members about the opportunities for Indigenous nation building offered by the state's new regional authorities policy.

"What we're talking about is Aboriginal nations building their governance, and building their governments, in order that they're able to run their affairs and negotiate with the State on a nation-to-nation basis."
--Professor Daryle Rigney

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