The Rebuilding Native Nations Online Course Gets a Facelift

08/14/18 01:07:am
Stephen Cornell on the set of the Rebuilding Native Nations Online Course Instructional video shoot

Dr. Stephen Cornell on the set at NNI Studios

Native Nations Institute understands sometimes the best way to reach learners is to allow them to access it from the comfort of their own desk or even recliner. Since beginning the distance learning program, NNI brings nation building to the busiest tribal offices and most remote reservations. Now, in order to keep up with the needs of our citizen learners, NNI is updating the Rebuilding Native Nations online course.

The makeover begins with the course’s foundational module, “Introduction to Native Nation Building”. NNI’s Media Specialist Jason Aragón explained the process, “it’s like working with clay, we’ll reshape what we have and give it more texture in order to better support our varied and growing learning community.” This includes dynamic integration of NNI’s digital media and upgrading to a D2L platform already in use at the University of Arizona for an overall more seamless user experience. NNI’s own Steven Cornell will partake as a presenter in updating some of the introductory material used for the course.

Image: The work in progress, a screenshot of the new site on the University's online course platform, D2L.

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