NNI Collaborates on Indigenous Data Governance

04/06/15 02:54:am

British Columbia First Nations Data Governance Initiative (BCFNDGI) hosted a First Nation Demonstration Sites gathering on March 26-27, 2015, at the Musqueam Cultural Center in Vancouver, BC. First Nations, provincial, and federal partners, discussed the First Nations' data governance framework, data governance projects in Canada, initial indicators, and ways to align the work with BC First Nations' transformational health and wellness strategies and community plans. The BCFNDGI First Nations' champion Gwen Phillips invited NNI Tribal Health Program Manager Stephanie Carroll Rainie to attend and observe the meeting.

This collaboration resulted in an Indigenous panel at the 3rd International Open Data Governance Conference on May 28-29, 2015 in Ottawa, ON, where Stephanie along with Gwen Phillips, Eileen Briggs (NNI IAC member and Cheyenne River Tribal VenturesExecutive Director), and Desi Rodriguez Lonebear (a member of the U.S. Census Bureau National Advisory Committee on Racial, Ethnic, and Other Populations) will dialogue on the topic "Indigenous Data and Open Governments." Sector and open data experts, senior government officials, industry leaders, and civil society champions from the around the world will exchange ideas and work together to enable the Indigenous data revolution.

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