Native Leaders Share Their Experience

05/04/15 03:47:am

NNI staff is creating new video resources for the Indigenous Governance Database and the forthcoming Constitutions Resource Center website.

Gathering Data for Tribal Priorities

Verónica Hirsch interviewed Eileen Briggs (Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe), Executive Director of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Ventures project in Eagle Butte, SD. Eileen also serves on NNI's International Advisory Council. Eileen discussed how the Tribal Ventures project supports the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe's nation rebuilding and poverty reduction efforts that the citizenry identified and prioritized. As part of its citizen engagement focus, Tribal Ventures conducted a survey to provide baseline data for the 2006-2016 Tribal Ventures Poverty Reduction Plan. The tribe designed the plan to promote community accountability in reducing poverty on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation. Eileen emphasized how citizen-defined research supports Indigenous data sovereignty and practically applies nation-building concepts to foster sustainable economic development.

Nation Building at the Ktunaxa Nation

Sophie Pierre (Kootenay, Ktunaxa Nation), retired Chief Chief Commissioner of the BC Treaty Commission and current Co-Chair of NNI's International Advisory Council, discussed Ktunaxa Nation governance successes and challenges in an interview with Verónica Hirsch. Sophie explained how Ktunaxa core cultural values inform Ktunaxa practical governance embodied by the Four Pillars framework (traditional knowledge and language; land and resources; economic investment; and social sector). She stressed how Ktunaxa-defined citizenship criteria draw upon traditional concepts of community connection, engagement, responsibility, and reciprocity to support governance efficacy at the community and Ktunaxa Nation Council levels.

Gwen Phillips, Governance Transition Director for the Ktunaxa Nation, described the Ktunaxa Nation's Indigenous governance-informed transformation from a network of "bands" to a culturally-grounded nation of citizen communities engaged in language revitalization, governance re-education, and treaty negotiation. Gwen also serves on the Board of Directors for the First Nations Information Governance Centre and has been a tireless advocate of the tripartite BC First Nations' Data Governance Initiative (BCFNDGI) that aims to improve performance measurement, reduce First Nations' reporting burdens, and promote access to First Nations' owned data that supports community well-being.
All three interviews will be featured on NNI's Indigenous Governance Database in the near future. In the meantime, Native leaders, community members, scholars (and others) can access Native nation rebuilding resources-video, text, audio--by creating a FREE account. Join today!

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