Job Opening: Director of Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy

02/02/16 04:26:am

Currently seeking Udall Center Director

The Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy at the University of Arizona is currently accepting applications for the position of Director. The Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy is a university-wide Research Institute/Center, reporting to the Office for Research and Discovery (ORD) that is the intellectual home for interdisciplinary, stakeholder-based policy research and outreach; as such, ORD is charged to advance cross-cutting inquiry and connect diverse policy research efforts and researchers, gain increasing external support for policy research, and deliver measurable public impact.

Stephen E. Cornell, who previously held the Director position, is now the Faculty Chair for the Native Nations Institute where he continues to do research and outreach with Native nations.

More information about the position opening can be found here. The review begins on February 10, 2016.

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