International Advisory Council Winter 2018 Meeting

02/20/19 10:06:am

The International Advisory Council held their biannual meeting on December 14-15, 2018 at the University of Arizona. There were a number of new participants at this meeting, including Jesse Navarro, Senior Program Coordinator for Tribal Relations, who opened up the meeting with a Tohono O'odham blessing, which was much appreciated by all. A number of faculty members from the Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy gave informative presentations on their research projects. Check out a few photos from the first day of the event:

Images featuring: IAC Members: Hon. John A. "Rocky" Barrett, Hon. Patricia “Patty” Ninham Hoeft, Hon. Denny Hurtado, David M. Gipp, and Robert Yazzie

Udall Center/Native Nations Institute Staff Members: Stephanie Buechler, Kyra James, Miriam Jorgensen, Tory Fodder, Danielle Hiraldo, Amy Jorgensen, Robert Merideth, Stephanie Carroll Rainie, Lindsay Riggs, Chris Scott, Ali Tsosie, Robert Varady, and Adriana Zuniga

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