Indigenous Governance Program Tribal Professionals Cohort 2018

07/26/17 11:21:am

Tiger Brown Bull Tribal Professionals Cohort Video

Tribal Professionals Cohort 2017 member, Tiger Brown Bull, shares his experience of January in Tucson

The Indigenous Governance Program's (IGP) Tribal Professionals' Cohort is a select group of tribal professionals who are interested in strengthening tribal governance. Each year, the Native Nations Institute (NNI) selects up to ten individuals to participate in the IGP's January in Tucson (JIT) event free of charge.

Cohort members must be a citizen of a U.S. tribal nation. Selected participants will enjoy their pick of three JIT classes, travel, and accommodations, all compliments of NNI. Completed courses can be applied towards NNI's non-credit, Continuing Education Certificate in Indigenous Governance. The cohort also will receive supplemental educational materials and have opportunities to meet and discuss what they've learned with one another and NNI staff throughout the year.

All prospective students, regardless of eligibility for the Tribal Professionals Cohort, are invited to apply for individual JIT classes, certificates in Indigenous Governance, or the Masters of Professional Studies in Indigenous Governance. REGISTER TODAY!

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