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       WHAT WE DO

Native American Youth Entrepreneur Camp


The Native American Youth Entrepreneur Camp (NAYEC) was a program developed to teach students how to start and manage businesses in Indian Country. The brainchild of Joan Timeche, NNI executive director, NAYEC taught high-school juniors, seniors, and recent graduates the basics of economics, computer skills, and business-plan preparation through activities leading to personal and professional development.

“Economic conditions on many of our Indian reservations are bleak, with a minimal or nonexistent private sector,” said Timeche, a citizen of the Hopi Tribe. “By exposing our Native youth to the world of entrepreneurship, we offer them a chance to expand the business sector on reservations and to improve economic conditions in the future,” Timeche added.

Though NNI is not currently able to offer NAYEC, you can contact Joan Timeche for more information, at or (520) 626-0664.

Photos from past NAYECs:

youth marketplaceYouth marketplace

in class Camp classroom presentation


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