Constitutions Resource Center

The Constitutions Resource Center provides Native nations with access to a comprehensive set of examples to learn from and tools to use in the process of constitutional reform. It addresses critical governance and constitutional questions within four main categories.

  • The Defining category examines traditional governance systems, and their effectiveness as a constitutional foundation for self-governance.
  • The Developing category surveys various governance systems across Indian Country, providing a wide range of Indigenous constitutions.
  • The Changing category reviews governance reform processes and the methods that other Native nations have used to change their constitutions.
  • The Living category highlights how Native nations interpret their constitutions and cultivate their youth to become future leaders.

The free CRC is a new component within NNI’s Indigenous Governance Database (, our online resource dedicated to Native nation building, governance, and leadership. Using text, video, and audio resources already on the IGovDatabase, the CRC will feature case studies of Native nations’ constitutional efforts, including video recorded interviews with Native nation leaders, key decision-makers, and other governance experts.


Danielle Hiraldo

Outreach Specialist/Senior Researcher


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